Likee Video Downloader

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Welcome to Likee Downloader!

Likee downloader allows you to download videos from the Likee app. You can easily save likee videos without installing app/software. Likee video downloader online is a one-stop solution for the people who are using the Likee app. It'll help you to download likee videos in an easy way.

Likee is a Singapore based short video creation and video sharing platform which is initially introduced in July 2017 by Bigo. It is available for iOS and Android users. Well, Likee doesn't allow you to download videos. Now, What to do? Use our likee video downloader for likee video download.

How to Download Likee Videos Online?

If you really want to download your favorite videos from Likee online then learn to use Likee video downloader.

Step1: Go to Likee app

Step2: Search the Likee video that you want to download

Step3: Copy the Likee video URL

Step4: Paste the URL in the above box and hit on the Download button.

Step5: Our video downloader will automatically convert Likee videos to MP4 for download.

Step6: That's it. You can follow this unlimited time to download the Likee videos to your computer in an easy way.


Is downloading Likee video legal?

No! It's risky, We request you not to use copyrighted Likee video anywhere and please respect the owner's rights.