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About OK.ru Video Downloader

You are here means you want to download videos from ok.ru website. Well, You are at the right website for OK.ru video downloading. There are lakhs of people used to search okru video downloader but they don’t find real video downloader for odnoklassniki.ru. You should know that Ok.ru is top popular social media website. Like Facebook. There are lots of amazing content but you know very well that ok ru doesn’t give download video link that’s why we created ok.ru downloader to download ok.ru videos.

You should know that Odnoklassniki, OK.ru is a Russian, is a social network service like Facebook. It is generally used in Russia and former Soviet republics. OK.ru was launched on 4 March 2006 by Albert Popkov. You are here so we can understand that you want to download OK.ru videos. Let's read below for the downloading process.

How to download Odnoklassniki Videos?

If you really want to download videos from Ok.ru online then follow the below process and learn to use Odnoklassniki video downloader.

Step1: Go to Ok.ru

Step2: Search the Ok.ru video that you want to download

Step3: Copy the Ok.ru video URL (ie, https://ok.ru/video/101273625861)

Step4: Paste the URL in the above box and hit on the Download button.

Step5: Our video downloader will automatically convert Ok.ru videos to MP4 for download.

Step6: That's it. You can follow this process to download the Ok.ru videos to your computer in an easy way.


Online OK.ru Video Downloader Features

Ok.ru saver is totally free and simple video downloader as like Okvid download


Is downloading Ok.ru video legal?

No! It's risky, We request you not to use copyrighted Ok.ru video anywhere and please respect the owner's rights.