Reels Video Downloader

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Welcome to Reels Downloader!

Recently Instagram released a new feature of 'Instagram reels' in its update. This is an exciting feature to create and share short videos on Instagram. It is similar to tik tok videos. After the new reels feature users worldwide started creating and sharing the videos, many users want to download or save their favourite reels video in offline storage. For such users, the best answer is the reels video downloader tool. It is one of the best platforms to download or to save your favourite Instagram reels video easily.

It is fast, free and easy to use this tool; you can also save MP4's by using it. You can save Instagram reels on any device like a computer or smartphone. The best part of this tool is it doesn't use Instagram API, so you can download reels without using or providing your login credentials. Considering such a huge demand for it, we decided to create a reels video downloader for our readers.

How to Download Reels Instagram Videos Online?

You just have to use this tool to download the video and save it on your mobile phone. It requires relatively fewer efforts compared to other things.

Step 1: Copy the link to the Instagram reel you want to download

To download the Instagram reel, you need to copy the URL of the reel you want to download, and for that, first, open the Instagram application, then click on the reels icon to view reels. Now get to the reel you want to download, then CLICK on the three dots button at the bottom and then select the COPY option.

Step 2: Open reels video downloader and paste the copied link

After copying the URL of the reel video, open the search engine you prefer, like google/yahoo/firefox/opera etc. open it and search for insta reels downloader. Now open the tool and PASTE the copied URL of the Instagram reels.

Step 3: Click on the download button

Now you will get the option of download on the screen. CLICK on that download button to start the procedure of download. The downloading process will begin immediately, or sometimes it will take a few seconds so have little patience.


Reels download Tool is one of the fascinating tools which you can use to save multiple videos. Some people are paying lots of money for using third party tools to save the reels videos. However, our tool is entirely free and easy to use. If you have doubts or problems while using this tool, you can always leave a comment below. We will be glad to resolve those issues.