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Twitch is a tv network platform owned by Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers and other lifestyle casters to build communities around shared and streamable interests. Twitch is widely used for broadcasting live or prerecorded videos of gamers who play online games. This type of recording usually includes audio commentary of a gamer. However, there is no option given for downloading the video of your favourite streamer. Now in such cases, you have to depend upon tools like twitch video downloader.

Some people wish to download the videos from twitch, and for that, one of the best options is a twitch video downloader. This is an amazing tool to download all streaming videos from the platform like twitch. We made this tool so that it is simple to access and its services are free for all. It won't require any hard process; instead, follow these simple steps, and it will be done.

How To Download Twitch Videos Online?

Follow these simple and effective steps of saving twitch videos to your mobile and desktop.

First of all, open the search engine in your browser or twitch the tv app on your device. Then open and run the twitch tv to get the video of your choice to download and when you find the video, click on the link of the video and choose the option COPY. For Copying, you can use CTRL+C or Right Click on the link and then select the COPY option.

When the link is copied, the next step would be to paste the URL into the twitch video downloader tool. Open this tool in your browser and then PASTE the copied URL carefully.

After completing the search process, this tool's system will give you all possible formats of saving the video. Now choose the format, quality that you want to download. The safest way is to right-click on the DOWNLOAD button, then select the option of saving the link to proceed to the standard download dialogue in which you can enter a special filename.


Twitch has many apps for the devices like Android and iOS; with these apps' help, you can browse and search the twitch channels, watch live streams of the gamers, and participate in a live chat from your computer. The features of these apps are different from app to app.

However, we all know how hard it is to save twitch videos, so this tool was created solely for such purposes. If you liked how to download twitch videos, share this amazing thing with your friends, family, relatives, and various people you know around you.